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Customised tours of Rajasthan by travel experts in Rajasthan
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Welcome to RajasthanDiary.com! Hope you are doing great! Do you know about the customized tours of Rajasthan offered by the travel companies in Rajasthan? No? Don t worry, this is just the correct page of our website that describes all about the customized tours of Rajasthan. So here we go.

We, the travel companies in Rajasthan offer customized tours of Rajasthan. We offer royal Rajasthan tour packages to explore Rajasthan at its best. Some of our customized tour packages are, the Popular supplement tours, Special Rajasthan tours and Rajasthan with India tours. If you want to see each and every place in Rajasthan, our destination Rajasthan tour programs are just the perfect choice for you!

We offer various destination tours like Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Kota, Bikaner, Mount Abu, Bundi, Ranakpur, Chittaurgarh, Ranthambhor, Jaipur, Shekhavati, Jaisalmer, Udaipur etc.

Our customized tour package to Ajmer and Pushkar helps you to understand the cultural and heritage values of this place. Ajmer is famous for its Sufi Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti - probably the most important Muslim shrine in the Indian sub-continent. You can also see the 19th century Narsiyan Jain temple at Ajmer.

If you plan to visit Pushkar, you cannot afford to miss the famous Pushkar fair. Pilgrimage, socializing, trading, music, dance and revelry mark the Pushkar Fair. You can have fun and enjoy the great music, dance, shopping and lot more. There are some 500 temples in Pushkar, including the famed Brahma temple with its coin-studded floor. Pushkar's colourful bazaars are one of the best places in Rajasthan to buy vivid embroidered and painted textiles, as well as old silver jewellery.

Customized tour of Rajasthan by Rajasthan diary arranges Jodhpur destination tours for you. There are many great fortresses all over Rajasthan, but very few can compare with the sheer majesty of the imposing Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur. Seemingly growing out of the rocky cliff on which it is perched, it has a commanding view of the surrounding landscape. In fact, one can see the Kumbhalgarh Fort, some 80 miles (130 kms) away. The famous Moti Mahal also known as the pearl palace is another attraction of this beautiful place. Jodhpur is called the  blue city since the traditional homes here are painted in pale indigo color. This place is famous for its wonderfully built palaces. Here you can see the Umaid Bhawan palace, which has 350 rooms in it and is built in western style. It is considered as one of the largest private residences in the world!

If you want to enjoy the wildlife beauty you can t go back without visiting Bharatpur. At Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur you can see at least 400 different varieties of birds. To name a few, the painted storks, spoonbills, cormorants, egrets, herons, sarus cranes, porchards, ibis, kingfishers and many more.

Bikaner is another place in western Rajasthan you don t have to miss out when you opt for a customized tour to Rajasthan. The major attractions of this place are Junagarh Fort, Anup Mahal, Badal Mahal and Lallgarh Palace. Anup Mahal with its ornately lacquered walls in red & gold and panels of dazzling coloured glass inlay set over the coronation throne. The marble columns are covered with delicate paint work, and the entire effect is simply breathtaking. A nearby place called  Deshnoke is famous for the Rat Temple of Goddess Karni Mata. It's probably the only place where rats are revered!

Another attraction you need to visit in Rajasthan is Shekhavati. Shekhavati is not the name of particular city or town. In fact, it is the name of an entire region in northern Rajasthan, Shekhavati is known for its painted walls. The whole region is dotted with elaborately frescoed mansions.Shekhavati also has a number of small fortresses and a deer sanctuary at Tal Chhapar. The best way to visit and view this region is either on a Horse Safari or a Camel Safari.

If you are an admirer of great architectural work, you should choose the customized tour to Ranakpur. Deep in the forested Aravalli hills, lies the huge 15th century Adinath Jain Temple at Ranakpur. With an area of nearly 4,500 square yards, it is not only the largest Jain temple in India but also one of the most beautiful. Inside the temple, the profuse and intricate carving on marble resembles lace-work rather than stone-carving. The architectural genius is simply overwhelming!. One of the remarkable things about the temple is the wonderful play of shadow and light on the nearly 1,500 pillars, each of which, interestingly displays a different decorative design. As the sun's rays shift through the day, the pillars' color from gold to pale blue. You will be amazed by the mastery architectural work by the professionals here

Another attractive destination is Bundi that continues to be a place where life is largely untouched by the outside world. In fact, even today, Bundi is one place in Rajasthan that has a delightfully medieval flavour! It has got Taragarh Fort and Garh Palace, lavishly decorated with the finest murals in the history of Rajput Art. Bundi is a town of numerous ornate step-wells dating back to the 17th century. Another attraction here is Menal that has a beautiful waterfall!

Customized tour of Rajasthan by Rajasthan tour operators, help you to select any of these destination tours to let you enjoy your vacation in Rajasthan tours. So hurry, contact us to ask us about our different tour packages.