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Honeymoon in Rajasthan by holiday organizers in Rajasthan
Dear visitor,

Welcome to Rajasthan.diary.com! Are you a newly wed couple, thinking about a gift, precious and ever memorable for your spouse or are you planning to get married soon and searching for just the perfect place for your honeymoon? Congratulations! You have reached just the right page of our website. We care for your emotions and have the perfect offers for you. Here are a few of them&

Created just for the two of you! Honeymoon in Rajasthan can be a memorable event if you have decided to make it with a variety of Rajasthan honeymoon packages. We offer five different honeymoon packages for the couples who would like to make their honeymoon in Rajasthan. These are: For the two of you; Palatial romance; Royal romance; Lifetime to remember and Time of your life. We know this is once in a lifetime experience, so we provide you with the best honeymoon packages available.

For the two of you Honeymoon in Rajasthan tour is a 7nights (8 days) tour that includes major destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. Created just for the two of you, the royal aura surrounds you from the moment you land and you are treated to the utmost royalties of Rajasthan throughout the trip. While on one hand you have a limousine pick-up, on the other hand you travel in a royal carriage in a true Maharaja style. The hotels chosen are best the world has to offer. Rajasthan is a land of Maharaja's and you'd be like one yourself.

Palatial Romance is another honeymoon package waiting for you from Rajasthan diary. This 7 nights (8 days) tour covers the entire major destination in Rajasthan like Neemrana, Samode, Gajner and Jaisalmer. The best palace hotels of Rajasthan await your incoming, your room selection offers view of the desert, the jungles & for once you'll be surrounded by hills on all sides. The tour sets the mood for those intimate moments with your better half, nature bows down to your romance. Rajasthan welcomes new members to its clan.

The Royal Romance tour is a 7 nights (8 days) tour covering Udaipur, Jaipur, Ranthambhore & Agra. You romance on the lake, romance on an elephants back, romance in the jungle and where does it all end - in front of the most beautiful monument of Love - The Taj Mahal. Get ready for the most royal treatment in the land of Maharaja's, you are sure to feel like a re-incarnation of the kings & queens of yesteryears

Honeymoon in Rajasthan can be a memorable event in your life if you choose our special honeymoon package, A lifetime to remember. This 14 nights (15 days) honeymoon package covers Delhi, Neemrana, Samode, Deogarh, Udaipur, Rohetgarh, Jaisalmer, Gajner, Jaipur & Agra. History repeats as you are treated to royalties that were once commanded by the rulers of this land. You stay at the finest Palaces, Castles, Havelis & forts that form the essence of Rajasthan. The romance reaches its pinnacle as we visit the epitome of love: The Taj Mahal. You'd never want to go back!

If you want to make your honeymoon in Rajasthan a little luxurious, the Time of your life tour by Rajasthan diary is the ideal choice for you to make your honeymoon an ever-lasting memory. This tour covers the major destinations like Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Devigarh and Goa in 14 nights (15 days). The destination, the hotels, the experiences encompassed in this tour will be once in a lifetime. With Limousine pick-ups, private plunge pools, dinner on the lake & stay at Oberoi Vilas hotels (rated amongst top hotels of the world), you will be treated like the king & the queen of the princely land of Rajasthan!