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Taj Mahal Tour and Taj Agra Tours by Rajasthandiary.com
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Welcome to Rajasthdiary.com! We are the proud owners of this website, we are the tour operators of Rajasthan. Alogwith a variety of Rajasthan tours, we also offer something different, like the one that we are going to talk about now, please go ahead and read about this exciting tour.

We are talking about the 'Taj Mahal' tour packages offered by Rajasthan tour operators! Taj Mahal in Agra, as you know, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and every body likes to visit it once in a lifetime. Our Taj Mahal tours help you to understand the history of Taj Mahal and how it was built and many more amazing facts that you must have not read about it. When visiting Agra, there are some more places like Red Fort, Meena Bazaar etc. to visit.

Taj Mahal was built by a Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal as a monument of eternal love. It is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. It took 22 years to complete it and 22,000 workmen worked on it. You need to spend a complete day here to enjoy the beauty of Taj Mahal. To the west of Taj Mahal, you can see a red sandstone building, which is a mosque.

The best time to visit Taj is in the month of February since this is the time when Uttar Pradesh tourism department organizes 'Taj Maholsav' festival. This is a celebration of Uttar Pradesh s rich heritage, culture, art and craft, dance and music. During this time there are festivals all around Agra that includes the 'Food festival' too, organized by the UP tourism.

The marble used for building Taj Mahal, was brought from Rajasthan and precious and semi precious stones were used for the inlay work. The red sandstone was brought from Fathepur Sikri and Jasper from Punjab. Some of the other materials were brought from other countries also. Jade and crystal used for this monument was brought from China and Lapiz Lazuli and Saphire from Sri Lanka. Diamonds used for decorating Taj was brought from Panna and Turquoise was brought from Tibet. Arabian coal and cornelian was also used for decorating this great monument.

The Makrana marble used in the construction of this monument has the ability to change its color according to the changes in the light. So we need to spend a full day here to see the color variations of 'Taj' during different times of the day like in the morning, evening and at night. This would be a great experience for you to see Taj with different colors.

We offer a variety of Taj Mahal Agra tours to fullfill your dream of visiting this monument. So grab this opportunity and contact us today to book a Taj Mahal tour.