Bundi - the medival city

Remote as it is in its hilly terrain, Bundi continues to be a place where life is largely untouched by the outside world. In fact, even today, Bundi is one place in Rajasthan that has a delightfully medieval flavour - we felt as if we had stepped into some kind of a time warp!

The town nestles at the foot of a large rocky hall, dominated by Taragarh Fort and Garh Palace, lavishly decorated with the finest murals in the history of Rajput Art. Painted in the Hara style of the Kota-Bundi school of miniatures in characteristic shades of blue, green and maroon, they reflect the verdant greenery of the region. An art connoisseur can spend days in Bundi for these paintings alone.

We really enjoyed our walk through the tiny, winding lanes of its bazaars, which are amongst the most fascinating that you will find anywhere in Rajasthan.


Bundi is a town of numerous ornate baoris (step-wells) dating back to the 17th century. Raniji ki Baori with its exquisite toran archway is one of the loveliest.


A day trip to the 10th century Bijoliyan temples and a liitle ahead, the 12th century temples of Menal.

Menal has, hold your breath, a beautiful waterfall. And to think, that while planning out our trip to Rajasthan, we only had visions of sand-dunes and camels!!