Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

Festivals of Rajasthan

Ever so often, the stark barren comes alive with a riot of colours and joyous celebration in Rajasthan.

It's as if people, in this sparsely-populated state, look for an excuse to come together with festive abandon and momentarily forget their tough lives. 

Seasons are heralded with a festive fervour and cattle marts turn into delightful fairs. While some traditional fairs and festivals of Rajasthan have a mythological origin, others commemorate a local hero or saint. 

While traditional and religious festivals, such as Holi (the festival of colours), Diwali (the festival of lights), Makar Sakranti, Urs etc. are celebrated enthusiastically, festivals involving camel and elephant sports, folk music and dance are also being specially organized for tourists. 

These melas give a splendid insight into the life of the Rajasthanis and the romance of Rajasthan. And it's a wonderful idea to take a look at the Festival Calendar, while planning your Rajasthan Tour. 

Famous Festivals of Rajasthan

Mewar Festival

Mewar Festival at Udaipur

The magical sight of the boat procession in Udaipur during Gangaur is the essence of the Mewar Festival.

Teej Festival

Teej Festival at Jaipur

The  Teej procession emerging from Jaipur's Tripolia Gate marks the onset of the monsoons.

Holi Festival

Holi Festival at Jaipur

The sheer fun of playing Holi on elephant backs at the Elephant Festival  in Jaipur.

Camel Festival

Camel Festival at Bikaner

One of the frontrunners for the camel fur-design competition at the Camel Festival, Bikaner. 

Cattle Fair

Cattle Fair Nagaur

The unforgettable experience of the largest cattle fair of the world in Nagaur.