People of Rajasthan


The People of Rajasthan are sturdy, cheerful and simple folks relatively untouched by the fast pace of modern times making Rajasthan and Rajasthan Culture one of the safest and one of the most tourist friendly destinations anywhere in the world.

Mind-boggling Turbans

India is a land of diversities. And it is all the more pronounced in Rajasthan. An old local saying sums it up - "The dialect, cuisine, water and turbans in Rajasthan change every 12 miles." 

In fact there are about 1,000 different styles and types of turbans in Rajasthan, each denoting the class, caste and region of the wearer. 

Turbans come in all shapes, sizes and colours; and there are specific turbans for specific occasions as well.

Colourful and Ornamental

It is also one of the most colourful. To offset the barren, colourless landscape and the monotony of its cloudless sky, the people of Rajasthan show a distinct preference for bright costumes. 

From the simple village folk or tribal to the rajas and ranis, the preferred colours are bright red, dazzling yellow, lively green or brilliant orange, highlighted by a lavish use of sparkling gold and silver zari or gota. 

Tribal and nomadic women are known for their love for silver jewellery (although men too sport ear studs and earrings). The ornaments follow age-old designs typical of a particular tribe.