After checking in at the hotel, we had a cup of "chai" (tea) and then roamed the narrow lanes of this quaint little town. Pushkar is built around a picturesque lake with broad ghaats leading down to the water.

A Rajasthani song and dance programme was going on at dinner time at the hotel, giving us a feel of what Pushkar must be like during the astonishingly colourful Annual Camel Fair - the largest in the world! 

In the morning, we visited a few temples (there are some 500 of them!) including the famed Brahma temple with its coin-studded floor. It's really amazing that just 11 kms separate the holiest pilgrimage centres of Muslims and Hindus - Ajmer's Dargah and Pushkar's holy lake & temples.


We spent the rest of our time picking up odds 'n' ends. Pushkar's colourful bazaars are one of the best places in Rajasthan to buy vivid embroidered and painted textiles, as well as old silver jewellery.